An art performance at the program

At the event, the Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan recalled the historic day 70 years ago when President Ho Chi Minh issued his call to the whole nation for patriotic emulation. In the context that the whole country was still in needy situation with a lot of challenges and difficulties, Present Ho Chi Minh called for patriotic emulation. He clearly pointed out that the movement which called on all Vietnamese people to demonstration their patriotism to be echoed and repeated had the aim of eradicating hunger poverty and illiteracy, as well as repelling foreign invaders. He called on the whole people to continue overcoming difficulties to fight and safeguard the nation.

Nhan stressed that the great national unity and that each person strives to surpass himself/herself at work have generated the strength to help the country earn various achievements in the construction and protection of the Fatherland despite difficulties. Sending his message to the younger generations, Nhan called on them to expend more efforts, continue with ever more necessary patriotic emulation movements, and promote the spirit of great national unity to vigorously develop Vietnam as President Ho Chi Minh once hoped, that Vietnam would be someday on a par with other powerful countries in the world.

During the television program, apart from songs of pride and solidarity, the audience had chances to interact with some historical witnesses and outstanding examples in patriotic movements from different periods of time. Typical young examples in start-up movements, innovation, scientific research, IT application to agricultural production, health care, etc. and those working in remote and border areas as well as far-off islands were also present at the event.

The most moving moment of the program was when the letters and diaries written during the fiercest time of the war were displayed. The authors of those letters and diaries were none others than Uncle Ho’s soldiers. Those writings stressed the noble ideology of life and showed the true values of sacrifice and patriotic devotion.

During the 120-minute program, the audience watched filed images and clips on patriotic movements, reliving the ardent atmosphere of the movements throughout the country.

Translated by Huu Duong