He asked the Ministry of Health to give instructions and guidance to immediately streamline administrative procedures for the purchase, while basing on the reality and referring to other countries’ experience to quickly make decisions about COVID-19 drug import and use.

The Government leader also requested enhancing management over drug prices, strictly dealing with drug speculation and smuggling, and creating favorable conditions for people to access and buy COVID-19 drugs.

A COVID-19 drug containing the active substance Molnupiravir sold at a drugstore

Earlier, local media reported that when the COVID-19 medications containing the active substance Molnupiravir officially hit the shelves of drugstores, not many people could buy since they failed to meet related regulations like having patient certificates or doctor's prescriptions.

Epidemiologist Truong Huu Khanh said asking for doctor's prescriptions before selling antiviral drugs is right, but this rule has become too bureaucratic when it comes to COVID-19.

He explained that there haven’t been any regulations on which doctors are permitted to make this type of prescription. Meanwhile, it will be too late if people have to wait for local authorities to grant patient certificates as the drug is only used for the first days of infection. Therefore, it is necessary to streamline procedures.

Source: VNA