The cannon will be preserved at the Da Nang Museum.

The intact gun, 1.75m in length and about 200kg in weight, was found at a construction site of a sea dyke project along Lien Chieu beach in Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Da Nang city’s Lien Chieu district on May 22.

Receiving information from the construction unit, the Da Nang Museum worked with relevant units to move the artifact to the museum for preservation and exhibition.

The 200-year old bronze cannon with carved patterns of dragon scales and engraved words was equipped to defend Da Nang. The artifact bears historical values as it helps affirm the significance of the war resistance against French-Spanish coalition forces of Da Nang people and troops during the 1858-1860 period. It also contributes to enriching the historical values of the collection of cannons unearthed at Dien Hai Citadel.

Translated by Tran Hoai