The event is co-organized by the provincial Fund for Vietnamese Children, the Hanoi-based E Hospital, VinaCapital Foundation’s Heartbeat Vietnam program, and BHFlex Vina Co., Ltd.

A doctor is conducting congenital heart disease screening for students at Tam Phuc Primary School in Vinh Tuong district, Vinh Phuc province.

Through screening, children with suspected cardiac abnormalities will be further examined and given free-of-charge ultrasound scanning by doctors of E Hospital to identify the exact disease and determine appropriate treatment.

Those deemed to need surgery will receive help to complete relevant procedures to apply for free operations with expenses to be covered by the Heartbeat Vietnam program.

In 2019, the Fund for Vietnamese Children of Vinh Phuc organized medical checkups for approximately 24,000 children from newborn to primary school age, nearly 300 of whom were diagnosed with suspected congenital heart and cardiac diseases. The program helped more than 30 children with innate heart defects get intensive examination and treatment, with nearly 20 receiving operations at the Hanoi Heart Hospital and E Hospital.

Source: VNA