To help local people soon stabilize their life, the entire political system of the district has promptly taken measures to overcome the aftermath of the natural disaster. 

Giang Mi Cha’s family receives gifts from forces.

In Meo Vac district, the party committees, authorities, and functional forces collaborated to learn about the actual situation of the flood-stricken localities, support and evacuate people and their assets to safe locations, and overcome the consequences. Military, public security, and militia forces and youths have actively assisted local residents in repairing their houses and cleaning the environment to prevent disease outbreaks after the flooding. They quickly fixed and restored inter-village and inter-commune roads affected by landslides to ensure smooth transportation.

In addition, on June 12, Meo Vac district’s Public Security, Division of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, and Division of Natural Resources and Environment raised funds to buy gifts for families severely affected by the floods and landslides in Niem Son and Niem Tong communes of Meo Vac. In the two communes, the delegation distributed 28 gift packages as a support to the families to stabilize their life. Each package included rice, instant noodles, fish sauce, salt, and cash.

As one the most heavily impacted families in Niem Tong commune, Giang Mi Cha from Po Pi A village recalled that prolong torrential rains caused landslides that damaged his house. Fortunately, the district’s pubic security, party committees, authorities and militia force promptly evacuated his family members and property to safer place.

Translated by Song Anh