Saigon Newport Corporation’s personnel and fire vehicles participate in the exercise.

The simulated scenario was that while en route from a foreign country’ port to Vietnam, a 25,000 tons container ship, Tan Cang 30, carrying 1,500 containers of flammable and explosive goods, was affected by a big storm at sea. The goods on board were moved, during which friction generated heat, resulting in fires in containers.

Reinforcement from the Ho Chi Minh municipal firefighting force

At 09:00 on September 24, 2022, the ship moored at wharf B7, Tan Cang – Cat Lai port. While goods were being unloaded, fires broke out in containers. An on-duty staff at the wharf spotted the fire at cargo hold No.3, quickly alerted and reported the case to his senior. During the evacuation of the goods, two tractor drivers handled carelessly, causing the vehicles to collide, making the drivers unconscious. Meanwhile, the fire  getting larger made 12 crew-members panic, jumping into the river. Two of them went missing. The situation exceeded the ability of the on-site fire fighting, forcing the leader of Saigon Newport Corporation to ask for help from the Ho Chi Minh municipal fire police force.

Cat Lai ferry carries specialized fire engines for the exercise.

Upon receiving the news, the specialized force of the Ho Chi Minh municipal police sent fire engines and on-site force, medical crews, volunteer youths to take the firefighting and SAR mission.

The fire was put under control after over 40 minutes of breaking out. All victims were rescued.

Rescuing a crew-member who jumped into the river.

Senior Colonel Ngo Minh Thuan, General Director of Saigon Newport Corportation, said that the exercise was good for the corporation to practice its firefighting plans to hone bravery and skills of its staff and to raise their responsibility as well as activeness in fire prevention and control and SAR work.

Translated by Mai Huong