Food for workers

Accordingly, the capital youths are taking part in numerous activities such as doing missions at COVID-19 checkpoints or transporting necessities to citizens in the quarantined areas.

Each district has mobilized from 400 to 600 youth union members to assist the COVID-19 prevention and control work.

In addition, the city’s chapter of Youth Union has launched several meaningful programs such as “Zero dong mini supermarket,” “Assisting students to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic,” and more. Hundreds of needy people, pandemic-hit workers, and patients have received assistance from these programs. Additionally, the organization has also called for more support from sponsors and presented 5,000 gifts to pandemic-hit people in the Southern region. 

Youth protecting green zones

The capital youths have collaborated with relevant forces to monitor the areas with clusters of COVID-19 infected cases, contributing to preventing the pandemic from spreading into the community.

Translated by Trung Thanh