Talking to the press, he said there are three main areas for such cooperation, namely digitization, simplification of rules and procedures to strengthen the business environment; supporting equality, gender equality and equality for minority groups; and legislation and regulation around the green economy.

U.K. Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward

He stressed that the strategic partnership between the U.K. and Vietnam is solid but there is plenty of room for it to expand.

Hue’s visit, the second of a senior Vietnamese leader to the U.K. within the past year, will help to push forward the cooperation between the two parliaments and governments, he said.

"The relationship between the U.K. and Vietnam is built on people-to-people links. So I think this visit is a good symbol that we are open for business again in both directions,” said Ward.

Businesses can travel, invest and develop export and import, while students from Vietnam can come to the U.K. and vice versa, he added.

“We hope that we will soon see the return to the high level of tourism between our two countries.”

One of the key elements of Chairman Hue’s trip to the U.K. is to strengthen financial flows into Vietnam’s green economy, the diplomat said.

“London is a global financial centre and has particular innovation in green finance. And we will link London with Ho Chi Minh City, we will link London with Hanoi and make sure that the finance flows into the green economy,” he stated.

Source: VNA