The President and his entourage expressed their gratitude to the late leader, who devoted his entire life to the struggle for national liberation and reunification, along with freedom and happiness of the Vietnamese people.

The President and his entourage pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh.

Writing in the temple's guest book, Lam said the site plays an important role in educating younger generations about the revolutionary tradition and President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.

He asked the provincial Party organization, authorities and residents in Cao Bang to continue preserving the site and promoting its values.

Pac Bo was the first place where Nguyen Ai Quoc, who later used the name Ho Chi Minh, set foot in when returning to Vietnam in 1941 to lead the domestic revolution after spending over 30 years abroad to seek ways for national salvation. It is home to many historical relic sites like Coc Bo Cave, Border Marker 108, Khuoi Nam Hut, and Lenin Spring, which were associated with his revolutionary activities during that time.

While in Ha Quang, President Lam also attended the inauguration ceremony of the Pac Bo Kindergarten in Truong Ha commune.

Speaking at the ceremony, he asked local authorities to pay more attention to improving the life quality of locals, especially those who have rendered service to the nation and disadvantaged families, ensuring that no one is left behind.

President To Lam writes in the temple's guest book.

The leader also stressed the crucial task of improving education-training quality, particularly preschool education. 

On this occasion, he visited and presented gifts to two revolution contributors in the locality.

Source: VNA