Regarding voters’ concerns about teachers’ qualification, Chairwoman Ngan said the revised Law on Education has improved qualification standards for teachers at all levels to raise education and personnel quality.

The leader informed them that before school and university examinations 2019, the NA and government urged the education sector and localities to hold them in line with the law, thus meeting aspirations of voters and people.

National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan at the meeting

Replying to voters’ wishes for more State investment in infrastructure in the Mekong Delta, she said the cost for constructing infrastructure, bridges or roads in the region is always higher than other regions due to the treatment of land foundation, and the transport of construction materials from other places, so projects there are more likely to be delayed.

She also took note of voters’ suggestion on disallowing the designation of contractors to Build-Operate-Transfer projects to avoid State budget wastefulness.

About electricity prices, she said the government has requested reviewing the impacts of power price hike on households in different income groups and providing support for poor families, adding that lawmakers’ proposals have been acquired to make proper adjustment in electricity price management.

Source: VNA