According to the report presented at the 22nd meeting of the N.A. Standing Committee, over VND 236 trillion (USD 10.2 billion) were raised for pandemic prevention and control as of December 31, 2022, more than VND 189 trillion of which were from the State budget and the remainder from other sources, mostly vaccines.

At the meeting

The COVID-19 vaccine fund raised over VND 15.1 trillion. The total doses of vaccines supplied by donors was nearly 160 million, about 150 million of which were from governments with a total value of approximately VND 24 trillion. Millions of volunteers, especially medical workers and military officers were on the front-line of the pandemic response. People from walks of life, business community, governments and international organizations offered material donations and other forms of support to the COVID-19 fight.

The allocated funding and aid resources were promptly distributed to units which generally used them in line with regulations.

Last year, the network of grassroots health care facilities expanded nationwide. All districts had medical centers while 99.6% of communes, wards, and townships had medical stations.

The Government, Prime Minister, Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, and relevant agencies are studying and proposing amendments, supplements, or new laws such as a Law on Disease Prevention, revising the Ordinance on the State of Emergency or the Law on State of Emergency, and amending the Health Insurance Law to remove obstacles and limitations in the mobilization, management and use of resources for pandemic prevention and control and the strengthening of the grassroots health care network and preventive medicine.

Source: VNA