Since then, the patriotic emulation movement has been ever-developing and expanded, translated into realities in line with political missions in different historical periods of the Vietnamese revolution and consequently, June 11 has been observed as the patriotic emulation foundation day since then.


Delegates at the ceremony honoring outstanding individuals and groups of the Ministry of National Defense

The call reflects the basic thought of President Ho Chi Minh in patriotic emulation, with invaluable direction both in theory and practice for the implementation of emulation movements, showing both the systematic and persistent natures in Ho Chi Minh’s thought on patriotic emulation and the building up of a new life, new society and new people with a progressive outlook.

President Ho Chi Minh is not only the initiator of the patriotic emulation, who considered it an important part and an essential methodology for the leadership of the Party and State, but also a great example and mind with great contributions to patriotic emulation. With his wisdom and vision, President Ho Chi Minh considered patriotism the center for gathering and uniting people of all social classes, regardless of positions, religions, ages, regardless of whether they were living at home or abroad, etc. He triggered the endless and great power of the nation and evoked the patriotism and determination of the entire people and military in standing up for national independence, building the nation and bringing forth a happy life for the people.

The call for patriotic emulation at that time served as the spiritual driving force to encourage and unite the whole people and military. It also left important lessons in the mass mobilization work, served as a model in implementing dissemination work in an easy-to-remember and easy-to-act manner so that the whole people actively joined the revolutionary cause of the Party and nation and enabled the resistance wars and national construction to reach the final victory.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the call for patriotic emulation is a chance for us to express our gratitude towards President Ho Chi Minh and affirm the historic significance of the call to the nation’s revolution. The call still bears important theoretical and practical values at present, serving as the foundation for uniting people of all walks of life in building and defending the nation.

The whole Party, people and military will continue grasping and implementing effectively the call and regularly reform emulation-reward work to overcome any exposed shortcomings during the implementation of the work. The shortcomings over the past time included the fact that the movement had been widely developed but not comprehensively; sometimes the movement fell into a formality and not in line with the central political missions. Some cases of bribery for “emulation achievements” were also found. Therefore, authorities, units and agencies at all levels should also strictly point out shortcomings and inadequacy in carrying out patriotic emulation and emulation-reward work. By closely grasping the thought of President Ho Chi Minh and lessons learnt in implementing patriotic emulation over the past 70 years and the active engagement of Party committees, authorities and politico-social organizations and the whole people, the patriotic emulation movement and emulation-reward work in the coming time will surely see encouraging changes.

The Vietnam People’s Army, founded by the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, will forever be an example and take the lead in emulation movements and campaigns waged by the Party, the State, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, and other sectors and localities. The military will forever be loyal to the Party and the people, ready to overcome any difficulties and challenges to best fulfill all assigned missions. Troops in the whole military are well aware of the call for patriotic emulation, strictly implement Directive 05 of the Politburo and Directive 87 of the Permanent Board of the Central Military Commission to boost emulation movements as well as other campaigns, such as “Promoting tradition, devoting talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers” and other resolutions of the Party and military.

People’s Army Newspaper

Translated by Huu Duong