Some documents at the exhibition. Source: hanoimoi.com.vn

More than 200 displayed documents, photos and other exhibits, focus on four emulation topics, including the resistance war and state-building in the 1945-1954 period, building socialism in the North and liberating the South and reunifying the nation in the 1954-1975 period, for the goal of “a wealthy people, a strong nation, an equal, democratic and civilized society” under President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, and Military Region 5’s armed forces’ “Determined-to-win” movement.

The 10-day exhibition, organized by Military Region 5’s Department of Politics, is a confirmation of President Ho Chi Minh’s great role in initiating, organizing, and encouraging the Party, people and military to be active in patriotic emulation movements, contributing to raising troops’ and people’s awareness of emulation in the current revolutionary period.

Translated by Chung Anh