The birth of the Communist Party of Vietnam was the result of combining Marxism-Leninism with the workers' movement and the patriotic movement. It was an extremely important turning point in the history of the Vietnamese revolution, ending the crisis in the policies and leadership organization of the Vietnamese patriotic movement in the early 20th century.

Vietnam has developed strongly under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. (Photo for illustration)

Over the past 94 years, the Party has surmounted countless difficulties and challenges, made the right leadership decisions, and steered the “revolutionary ship” to glorious victories. Especially, for nearly 4 decades of the renewal process, the Party has proved its bravery, wisdom, and talent, not only consolidating the strong trust of the entire nation in its leadership, but also winning the recognition and admiration from friends from all over the world.

During the 13th term, especially in 2023, the Party has continued to promote self-rectification and self-innovation to better fulfill its historical mission. The Party soundly led the country to achieve the highest economic growth in the world, uphold a peaceful and stable environment, strengthen defense and security and firmy defend the socialist nation. Under the leadership of the Commist Party, Vietnam not only is a peaceful destination but also has made positive contribution to world peace, the progress of humanity and the international community.

In the coming years, the country will continue to face many new difficulties and challenges, requiring great political determination from the entire Party, people, and military. Especially, the year 2024 is full of important political events of the Party, country and military. More than ever, the entire political system and the whole nation must join forces and unanimously accelerate to achieve goals and tasks set out in the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and make good preparation for the organization of party congresses at all levels for the new term, towards the 14th National Party Congress. The political task is extremely heavy, but under the Party's leadership, millions of Vietnamese people as one always put their unwavering trust in the inevitability of the country's revolution.

It is firmly believed that the Party always knows how to preserve and promote good traditions; is capable of leading the whole nation to overcome all challenges. The Party always pays attention to innovating its leadership methods, building a healthy and politically-, ideologically-, morally-, and organizationally-strong Party. The Party constantly enhances its close connection with the people and is the nucleus that gathers and promotes the strength of the great national unity and socialist democracy.

Welcoming the new spring and the new age of the Party, we have the right to be proud of the glorious Party and wholeheartedly follow the Party to continue the journey of glorious victories! (Photo for illustration: Party-building journal)

In addition, the Party leads the country to comprehensively and synchronously carry out the renewal cause, develop the economy rapidly and sustainably. It also strives to build the country into a modern industrial, socialist-oriented state; direct to improve the material and spiritual life of the people; firmly defend the socialist Fatherland and protect the Party's ideological foundation; promote international integration, raise the position and prestige of the Party and country in the international arena.

In fact, the construction, combat, development and victories of the Vietnam People's Army have always been put under the absolute and direct leadership in all aspects of the Party. For nearly 80 years, the military has always been loyal to the Party, loyal to the people, constantly growing and achieving numerous great victories. In the new era, the implementation of tasks of military building, defense consolidation, and national defense have seen new developments.

In order for the military to always successfully complete its missions, deserving the trust and love of the Party, State and people, the Military Party Organization and the whole military must continue to bring into play the heroic tradition, constantly improving the synergy, competency and combat readiness capability. It must build a politically-strong military coupled with building a healthy and comprehensively-strong, exemplary and typical Party organization; speed up the progress and quality of military building and basically build an elite, compact and strong military by 2025 as a strong foundation for the building of the revolutionary, standardized, elite, and modernized Vietnam People's Army by 2030.

Welcoming the new spring and the new age of the Party, we have the right to be proud of the glorious Party and wholeheartedly follow the Party to continue the journey of glorious victories!

Translated by Mai Huong