In his recent article on Vietnam’s contributions to human civilization, Han Fangming, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Chairman of Chahar Institute, a well-known think tank of diplomacy and international relations, the article systematically analyses the original ideal and development of socialism in Vietnam from the perspective of its reality.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong

It points to the origins and goals of as well as persistence and firmness in a number of theories of Vietnam’s socialist-oriented market economy and the human-centered development strategy.

Han wrote that the socialist-oriented market economy initiated by Vietnam is a new plan for the cause of contemporary socialism, a new development in the Vietnamization of Marxism, and the expansion of Ho Chi Minh Thought.

The Vietnamese Party chief’s article summarizes the experience of Vietnam’s socialism development and the essence of his thoughts on governance, which are helpful for the theoretical exchanges and wisdom sharing among political parties around the world, and provide more governance solutions for the international community to learn from, Han stressed.

The Chinese scholar also mentioned to the time-honored relations between China and Vietnam.

The sustained, healthy and stable development of China-Vietnam relations is conducive to the prosperity of the cause of socialism, safeguarding regional and world peace and stability, promoting economic prosperity, and contributing more wisdom and solutions to human civilization, he affirmed.

In the face of major changes unseen in three thousand years, China and Vietnam should join hands to make greater contributions to regional peace, civilization progress, and system construction, he added.

Source: VNA