In an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency in Paris, Prof. Pierre Journoud – contemporary history lecturer at France’s Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University described Trong’s article as an important document summing up the application of Marxism-Leninism in Vietnam’s realities, with Vietnamese leaders effectively tapping positive points of a market economy.

Prof. Pierre Journoud

Journoud said Trong shed light into contradictions and shortcomings of capitalism which, he said, is root of social conflicts.

According to him, the introduction of socialist-oriented market economy model in Vietnam has contributed to production force liberation and scientific-technological development. He said one of Vietnam’s most important achievements since “Doi Moi” (Renewal) process was launched is to maintain considerable economic growth and thanks to which the poverty rate has dropped significantly. Another achievement is to pursue an open-door policy, international integration, and a foreign policy of diversification and multilateralisation, he added.

Journoud emphasized that Vietnam plays an increasingly important role in ASEAN and the world and its commitments to the United Nations and peacekeeping missions in Africa are enriching its experience and strengthening its global reputation.

Vietnam is on the way to becoming a regional power, he said.

He was particularly impressed by Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong pointing out the shortcomings that are existing in the Party and his call for rectification.

Referring to challenges facing Vietnam today, the French professor said Vietnam needs to build more sustainable and long-term development policies. It should be done in a way that narrows inequality caused by economic growth, ensures equal access to quality public education for all people, and preserve traditional identity and cultures, given negative impacts of globalization and people’s obsession with material possessions.

Vietnam needs to continue intensifying its fight against corruption which has been carried out fiercely and transparently in recent times.

Source: VNA