The congress takes place at a time when the entire Party, people and army are trying to overcome difficulties and challenges to achieve all objectives set by the 12th National Party Congress as well as to obtain more achievements in celebration of the upcoming 13th National Party Congress.

The 11th Military Party Congress is a significant event of the military, marking an important milestone in the history of development of the army. It is expected to reaffirm the Vietnam people’s Army unity and firm political viewpoint as well as the good traditions of the army that it has cumulated during its force building, fighting against foreign invaders and development under the leadership of the Party over the past 75 years. The congress will also display the defense leadership’s strong determination to build a politically strong army absolutely loyal to the Party, Fatherland and people, and capable of completing all assignments and defeating any enemies.

An overview of the congress 

During the 2015-20, the military Party organization led the army to implement its tasks in a context of unpredictable, fluid, complex non-traditional security developments in the region and world. The army has also struggled against the “peace evolution” strategy and the plot of “depoliticizing” the military by hostile and reactionary forces as well as against manifestations of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party.

During the last term, the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense have given timely advice to the Party and State on military and defense affairs, proactively grasped the situation and resettled all emerging situations, avoiding being put in a disadvantage or strategic surprise.

The Central Military Commission has also led the army to cement unity, surpass all difficulties and challenges and accomplish all objectives set by the 10th Military Party Congress.

During the last term, Party committees of defense agencies and military units increased political education for officers and soldiers, preserved the revolutionary nature and heroic tradition of the Vietnam People’s Army and brought into full play the noble virtues of Uncle Ho’s Soldier. Thus, officers and soldiers are always loyal to the Party, State and people, and ready to undertake and complete all assignments. 

At the 11th Military Party Congress themed “Unity, intellect, democracy and discipline,” delegates are expected to thoroughly study the Party and State’s policies and laws on military and defense, reconfirmed the absolute, comprehensive and direct leadership of the Party over the military. They also discuss approaches to build a strong, pure and exemplary military Party organization as well as to develop a revolutionary, regular, elite and gradually modernized army with some military services and arms quickly modernized to serve as premise for the building of a modernized army by 2030. Additionally, the Ministry of National Defense under the leadership of the Central Military Commission crafts plans to develop a powerful reserved force and strong militia force, play a core role in building an all-people defense position, and firmly protect the Fatherland, creating a stable, peaceful environment for national socio-economic development.

At a meeting of the Military Central Commission to review the preparation for the 11th Military Party Congress, Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong requested that the military Party organization is exemplary so the 11th Military Party Congress should be an example of practical and efficient Party congresses, creating a new impetus for new successes.” Following his instructions, the 11th Military Party Congress will deeply analyze all issues, frankly point out limitations and weaknesses in leadership work, draw lessons from both successes and failures, and seek effective approaches to complete all objectives for the 2020-25 term.

The above mentions require delegates to heighten their sense of responsibility to participate actively and effectively in discussions and give good ideas to documents, particularly the Resolution, of the 11th Military Party Congress as well as draft documents of the upcoming 13th National Party Congress.

With the 75-year glorious tradition of the Vietnam People’s Army and under the sound leadership of the Party, the 11th Military Party Congress will surely be a success, meeting the aspirations of the entire Party, State, people and army, and thereby making a significant contribution to the upcoming 13th National Party Congress.

Written by Editorial Board

Translated by Thu Nguyen