Addressing the opening, Vice Chairman of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese (OV) Affairs Mai Phan Dung said that for the 5.3 million-strong Vietnamese community abroad, maintaining the use of the Vietnamese language is significant in keeping their connections with their fellows at home and the Fatherland.

Children at a Vietnamese class in Ekaterinburg

However, he pointed to the risk for the language to fall into oblivion among the community, especially young generations who are born and raised abroad. The limitation in teaching methods and textbooks is also a great challenge for the community, he added.

Dung said that as part of efforts to spread the love for the Vietnamese language among the community, recently, the Government has chosen September 8 as the Day for Honouring Vietnamese Language in Vietnamese Communities Abroad.

The annual training course for teachers of Vietnamese language abroad, which was first held in 2013, aims to enhance the teaching capacity for professional and non-professional teachers in community language facilities, and update them with new knowledge in the work.

To date, more than 600 overseas teachers have participated in the courses with the support of teachers who are leading language experts of the Ministry of Education and Training.

In 2020 and 2021, due to COVID-19 impacts, the course was held online with the participation of more than 400 OV teachers.

The course will run until August 30.

Source: VNA