The bronze statue of President Ho Chi Minh at the Vietnamese Embassy in Beijing 
The statue features President Ho Chi Minh working in the Presidential Palace’s garden in Hanoi.

It is the fifth and also the last edition cast in a mould created by Mexican sculptor Pedzo Remizes Ponzanilli, who was inspired by a photo taken by photographer Dinh Dang Dinh that depicts the late leader reading newspapers at the Presidential Palace’s garden in 1960.

Vietnamese Ambassador Dang Minh Khoi said President Ho Chi Minh spent the longest time in China during the years he went abroad to do revolutionary activities.

He was a close friend of many Chinese revolutionaries and also treasured the neighbourliness and friendship between the two countries. President Ho Chi Minh, his Chinese counterpart Mao Zedong, and other leaders of the countries worked hard to nurture bilateral unity and amity.

The Party, State and people of China also respect the late Vietnamese leader, Khoi said, noting that there remain many relics of his activities in China. The late President visited the Vietnamese Embassy.

Four other editions of this statue are positioned at a park in Mexico City, the Presidential Palace relic site and the headquarters of the Vietnam News Agency and Hanoi’s administration in the Vietnamese capital city.

Source: VNA