To prevent and control the Covid-2019 pandemic, citizens on these two flights were taken to quarantine areas following the Health Ministry's guidance.

Accordingly, 14 people were taken to Khanh Hoa Tropical Hospital for quarantine while the others were quarantined for 14 days at the Center for Defense and Security Knowledge Training; Regiment 803, Division 305, Military Region 5; Training center of Khanh Hoa provincial Border Guard Command.

The citizens will have their health monitored in line with the quarantine regulations.

Photo for illustration

Most of the 412 newly returners are students and workers. This is the second time that the Military Command of Khanh Hoa province received and took citizens returning from pandemic-affected countries to concentrated quarantine areas. Earlier, the units received and quarantined over 300 Vietnamese citizens returning home from the Republic of Korea.

* On March 23, 121 citizens returning home from Laos were taken to Regiment 176, Division 968, Military Region 4 for quarantine. All Vietnamese expatriates are currently in good health conditions. They will be quarantined and have their health monitored for 14 days.

The unit arranged accommodations, provided food necessities, and regularly conducted health checks for the quarantined people.

* The Military Command of Kon Tum province received 140 Vietnamese expatriates returning from Laos. All of them are being quarantined at the Center for Defense and Security Knowledge Training under the provincial Military Command.

* From March 20 to 23, the Military School under Military Region 5 received 453 Vietnamese expatriates returning from pandemic-affected countries. So far, the unit has received and quarantined over 1,600 Vietnamese citizens.

* Two hundred and one Vietnamese expatriates returning from Europe via Van Don International Airport were quarantined at the Military School under the Military Command of Quang Ninh province.

The returners received screening, had their temperatures checked, and were provided with other necessaries.

Translated by Lam Anh