At the event, the two sides evaluated that they have strictly carried out contents of three legal documents on border and bilateral cooperation agreements. Functional agencies on border and border gate management of the two countries have been united, respected, helped, and cooperated with each other to facilitate people’s travel and trade activities through border gates while ensuring pandemic prevention and control.

At the signing of the talks' minutes

In the first quarter of this year, Vietnamese and Chinese units exchanged information related to management and protection of border and border gates, combat of crime, prevention of illegal border crossings, and pandemic prevention and control through hotlines. The two sides also sent missions to congratulate each other on the lunar New Year.

At the talks, the two sides agreed that in the coming time they will actively give advice to higher levels and work with agencies to resume activities through border; foster information dissemination and education to raise locals’ awareness of the three legal documents on border, thus encouraging them to develop socio-economy and build a borderline of peace, friendship, cooperation, and development.

They agreed to give priority to customs clearance for agricultural and aquatic products; create favorable conditions for import and export activities at Vietnam’s Kim Thanh – China’s Beishan Border Gate; pro-actively cooperate with each other to combat crime. 

They will continue to maintain and promote the signed cooperation mechanisms such as talks, information exchange through different channels, settlement of urgent situations in border areas, friendship exchange, and Vietnam – China friendship ambassador, and information dissemination and education. These activities are expected to lift the friendship and coordination of the two sides to a new height.

Outstanding officers receiving “Friendship Ambassador” title

At the talks, the two sides handed over the “Friendship Ambassador” title in the first quarter to two officers of Hekou Border Checkpoint for Immigration and Lao Cai provincial Border Guard Command. 

Translated by Tran Hoai