A troop of Ca Xeng Border Post helping locals thresh rice

After the recent flood, rice in Ruc Lan simultaneously ripened. Taking advantage of the good weather, the Chain-of-Command of Ca Xeng Border Post mobilized forces and vehicles to assist local people in harvesting rice.

Mrs. Cao Thi Pay, a resident in Mo O O O hamlet, said that because of the recent flood, local people were very worried that they were not able to harvest and dry their rice on time. She expressed gratitude to the soldiers of Ca Xeng Border Post for the timely assistance.

More than ten years growing wet rice, most of the households in the three hamlets are familiar to rice growing and seasonal farming. However, to help locals stick to their agricultural production, Ca Xeng Border Post has maintained a working team to assist locals in taking care of and fertilizing their rice at the right time.

Officers and soldiers of Ca Xeng Border Post and local harvesting rice

Colonel Nguyen Thai Duong, Political Commissar of Ca Xeng Border Post, said that although the unit’s troops are carrying out many tasks, they are determined to maximumly support the people to harvest their rice in about five days before a new flood comes.

Source: bienphong.com.vn

Translated by Tran Hoai