Local people have their health checked.

The activity was part of the “Returning to the Roots" tour to Tau O revolutionary base, which was jointly conducted by Army Corps 4, the Military Broadcasting Center, the People’s Committee of Hon Quan district, and other local units.

Accordingly, the mission also visited and presented gifts, worth VND 1 million each, to 20 families with great contributions to the revolution, heroic Vietnamese mothers, patriarchs, and heads of villages. There were also 300 other gifts, worth VND 500,000 each, that were handed over to policy beneficiaries, needy locals, and ethnic minority people.

The mission visits heroic Vietnamese mother Pham Thi Xy.

Hon Quan district is known for the victory of troops of Division 7 in 1972 over the enemy at Tau O post. The 150-day and-night battle greatly contributed to the liberation of the South and national reunification. More than 1,000 troops of the division died in the battle. In 2012, a monument was built at the location in commemoration of the fallen soldiers and is now recognized as a national historical relic site.

Translated by Chung Anh