Military Hospital 354's medical staff perform ultrasound for an elderly.

According to Senior Colonel Nguyen Ngoc Du, Political Commissar of Military Hospital 354, 100 elderly people living in hard conditions in Ba Dinh and Tay Ho districts were chosen to receive the free health check-ups, counseling and medicines.

In particular, the medical staff of the hospital conducted ultrasound, blood pressure measurement, cardiovascular measurement, X-ray screening, musculoskeletal and joint examinations, and rapid blood glucose test, etc. to take suitable treatment for each patient.

Along with providing medical examinations, the medical staff also offered health counseling to the elderly and instructed them how to take care of their health, have reasonable and healthy diets, and increase their physical strength.

An experienced doctor gives health examination to an elderly woman.
An elderly receives free medicines.

The meaningful activity demonstrated the care of the hospital’s medical staff for the community’s health, contributing to beautifying the noble image of military doctors in the new situation.

Translated by Song Anh