During the meeting, the two sides discussed and signed a cooperation agreement focusing on the following key contents: human resource development; scientific research; conference organization and seminars, among others.

The agreement paves the way to promoting the potential and strength of each organization, making full use of all resources.

During the event

In terms of education and training, UEH and Military Hospital 175 will closely work with each other in enrollment and training for the master degree in health administration. The UEH will provide professional and practical training for undergraduate and postgraduate students in health-related subjects and organize short-term training programs (with certificates) to meet the need of Military Hospital 175. For its part, Military Hospital 175 will receive trainees and students from UEH, especially those with good professional and foreign language skills.

In terms of scientific research, UEH will support Military Hospital 175 to implement two projects proposed by the hospital, including building standard procedures for an effective medical examination system and the development of internal branding.

Meanwhile, the two sides will cooperate to organize social work activities for community and exchange programs in culture, art, sports, and foreign languages.

On this occasion, they also signed a contract to provide medical examinations and disease screening for UEH staff and employees under UEH’s regular program.

Translated by Hoang Giang – Mai Hoa