The voluntary blood donation  is implemented regularly as an outstanding activity of the Youth Union and military youth movements, which shows responsibility, humanity, good deed of the military youths.

At the event, Deputy Director of Military Hospital 103 Senior Colonel Tran Tan Cuong affirmed that the blood donation has become a movement that is supported by the whole society, especially young students of the school and other military units. However, the blood supply is not enough for the need of the hospital and the medical sector. Therefore, the movement should be enhanced in the time to come, he added.

During the event, Senior Colonel Ta Viet Hung, Director of the Center for Hematology - Blood Transfusion under Military Hospital 103 expressed his gratitude to volunteers who have accompanied the voluntary blood donation movement of the hospital.

As a result, nearly 600 blood units were collected after the event.

Here are several images at the program.

Blood donors receive health check-ups at the program.
The program draws the participation of numerous staff, employees and Youth Union members.
After donating blood, the donors receive certificate of blood donation and gifts from the organizers.

Translated by Song Anh