Military Hospital 175’s doctors and nurses ready to support Ho Chi Minh City’s health sector in COVID-19 fight

The hospital has promptly applied drastic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 since the new COVID-19 outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City.

Specifically, the hospital set up a frontline outpatient clinic and conducted COVID-19 testing for all people entering the hospital, including its personnel, to ensure absolute safety for the hospital, its staff, workers and patients.

Moreover, while receiving and giving emergency treatment to patients, the hospital also effectively applied other COVID-19 prevention and control measures. It reorganized its personnel and rearranged their working time to deal with the hospital’s developing situations.

Additionally, hundreds of its doctors and nurses have actively supported localities, including southwestern border provinces, in implementing inoculation programs and taking samples for COVID-19 testing. The hospital itself has become a reliable address for COVID-19 testing, using the Realtime PCR system.

Translated by Mai Huong