Therefore, the fishermen are encouraged to promote production and develop economy, contributing to firmly protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands.

The fishing logistic service team towing distressed trawler ashore

The waters of the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago are rich in seafood, attracting a large number of fishermen to go fishing. Trawlers often operate at sea at least from a half to three months. They feel safe to work in the waters because of the presence of the country’s law enforcement force. Meanwhile, the fishing logistic service teams and infirmary are always ready to support the fishermen whenever needed.

Repairing trawler for fishermen

According to Naval Lieutenant Nguyen Van Kien, Head of the fishing logistic service team on Song Tu Tay Island, Flotilla 128, Naval Region 4, in addition to training mission, the team is tasked with supporting fishermen to operate at sea, such as implementing search and rescue missions, repairing trawlers, and providing fresh water to fishermen, among others.

The dry lock on Song Tu Tay Island can be home to about 100 trawlers to take shelter when the weather at sea is complicated. There is also a tank providing free fresh water. Notably, on the island, there is a fully-equipped shipyard operated by naval troops all day long. Since 2022, the shipyard has repaired seven trawlers and provided hundreds of cubic meters of fresh water to fishermen. Meanwhile, fishermen stay here also received vegetables and necessities.

Providing fresh water to the fishermen

In February this year, a trawler, numbered QNg 92654, captained by Cao Van from Nghia An commune, Quang Ngai city, Quang Ngai province had engine failure while operating at sea. Cao Van steered the troubled trawler to Song Tu Tay Island to ask for help. At that night, he had his trawler repaired and went back to work on the following day.

Moreover, there is also an infirmary stationed in the island with skillful doctors and modern equipment so as to provide free health check-ups to the fishermen. In the first quarter of 2023, Song Tu Tay island infirmary treated and provided medicines to 72 fishermen in distress while fishing in the waters surrounding the Truong Sa archipelago.

The fisherman has his health checked.

Reportedly, in February, the infirmary received patient Le Ngoc Huy, who was born in 1989 from Phu Yen, and also the captain of trawler PY 96238 TS. He was in dizziness situation, then being paralyzed on the left side of his body. He was then in stable conditions thanks to the support of the infirmary’s doctors.

According to Doctor, Major Nguyen Van Truong, Chief of Song Tu Tay island infirmary, the unit always promotes its responsibility so as to well take care of troops’ health while operating at sea. They also worked with functional forces to stand side by side and encourage fishermen to develop economy and protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Translated by Minh Anh