Embracing the Party's viewpoint of "Building a firm people's heart posture," over the years, the officers and soldiers of the Border Post of Tra Linh International Border Gate have flexibly implemented border affairs measures, overcome difficulties, supported local people with practical activities, contributing to economic development, poverty reduction, new-style rural area building, and performance of social welfare, etc.

The Border Post of Tra Linh International Border Gate coordinating with local forces in protecting the border and border markers

Cao Bang shares a borderline of over 300km with Chinese localities. Numerous border posts are deployed along the borderline to protect national sovereignty. Among them, the Border Post of Tra Linh International Border Gate is tasked with managing over 27km of the border in Quang Han, Tri Phuong, and Xuan Noi communes, and Tra Linh townlet.

In the unit's managed area, the majority of ethnic people strictly adhere to the Party's guidelines and State’s policies. However, many ethnic minority individuals in border areas still encounter challenges; the poverty rate stays high, the educational levels are low, and certain outdated customs persist.

Patrolling along the borderline

Knowing this situation, the Border Post of Tra Linh International Border Gate has taken many measures and coordinated with localities to develop socio-economics and strengthen national defense and security. The unit’s troops have effectively implemented social welfare, ethnic policies in the area, promoted solidarity, accompanied people in socio-economic development, and implemented Party and political work.

Playing a core role in border management and protection, the unit has collaborated with local authorities and functional forces to effectively implement coordination regulations in protecting national sovereignty and ensuring border security.

Firmly protecting border markers

Meanwhile, the Border Post of Tra Linh International Border Gate has focused on thoroughly grasping the Party's guidelines, the State’s policies, and resolutions of higher levels on mass mobilization work; closely coordinating with local authorities to effectively carry out dissemination activities, encourage people to abide by laws, and actively participate in movements to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

These practical activities have enhanced the prestige of the border guard force among ethnic minority people; promoting patriotism, unity, and trust in the Party's leadership and the Government’s management, as well as the active participation of locals in the protection of national sovereignty and border security.

Educating ethnic minority students on protecting national sovereignty and security in border areas

Through various pro-active measures, the Border Post of Tra Linh International Border Gate has maintained political stability, border security and safety, contributing to building a peaceful border area.

Senior Colonel VU VAN DUONG

Party Secretary, Political Commissar of Border Post of Tra Linh International Border Gate

Translated by Trung Thanh