General Ngo Xuan Lich (second from the right) visits Vietnamese Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Thang

The mission offered incense and expressed deep gratitude to the fallen soldiers resting in peace at the Nui Nhan War Martyrs’ Monument. These soldiers bravely sacrificed their lives for national salvation and reunification. The Nui Nhan War Martyrs’ Monument now commemorates more than 14,000 troops who died in the resistance wars against French colonialists and American imperialists.

The same day, General Lich visited and presented gifts to Vietnamese Heroic Mothers Le Thi Lan, aged 91, and Nguyen Thi Thang, aged 103, and wounded soldier Nguyen Duc Tai. During the visits, the defense leader inquired after their health and living conditions. He stressed that the Party, State, and military have always remembered, been grateful for their contributions to the nation, and implemented preferential policies for them.

The defense minister hoped that the national contributors and Vietnamese heroic mothers will continue bringing into full play the tradition of their hometown, have a happy and prosperous life, and make more contributions to socio-economic development in their localities.

He also asked the local Party committees and authorities to create the best conditions and provide better care for local national contributors and Vietnamese heroic mothers.

Translated by Mai Huong