Poor families drawing lots to receive breeding cows

During the ceremony, the unit handed over 30 breeding cows to poor families from the Bru-Van Kieu ethnic minority group in Xa Khia village.

The program was part of the Sub-project No.3 of the national target program on socio-economic development in ethnic minority areas, with the aim of helping local people overcome their difficulties, eliminate hunger and reduce poverty, contributing to the local authority’s efforts to complete all set targets of the program on sustainable poverty reduction and new-style rural area building.

Within the framework of the project, in the coming time, Defense-Economic Unit 79 will hand over 61 breeding cows to the Bru-Van Kieu ethnic people in Ho Rum and Mit Cat villages, Kim Thuy commune.

As reported, in 2022, the unit offered 96 breeding cows to poor and near-poor families in Ngan Thuy, Lam Thuy, and Kim Thuy communes.

Defense-Economic Unit 79 hands over a cow to a poor household in Lam Thuy commune.

According to Colonel Nguyen Thanh Chung, Political Commissar of Defense-Economic Unit 79, the project has set a target of tightening military-civilian solidarity, reducing poverty, and promoting socio-economic development associated with building defense posture. Meanwhile, the project also aims to support production activities and exploit the potential and advantages of natural and socio-economic conditions, thereby gradually narrowing the gap between living standards and income of people in ethnic minority and mountainous areas and the national average ones.

In order to complete the project’s targets, troops of Defense-Economic Unit 79 have guided local people on animal husbandry techniques, and measures to prevent and treat common diseases for livestock, among others.

Translated by Quynh Oanh