Reportedly, the unit gave 96 breeding cows to households in Cha Vanh and La De communes of Nam Giang district.


Defense-Economic Unit 207 providing technical guidance documents on breeding and cultivation for households participating in the project

Speaking at the ceremony, Senior Colonel Dang Quang Trung, Head of Defense-Economic Unit 207, shared that in 2023, the unit pro-actively built up a technical and economic report, surveyed and identified beneficiaries and models that needed investment for the implementation, underlining the activity aimed to help local people gradually reduce poverty and escape hunger in a sustainable way.

Defense-Economic Unit 207 presents two-year-old green-skin pomelo trees to people in La De commune, Nam Giang district, Quang Nam.

Col. Trung also hoped that the local party committee, authority and agencies would pay more attention to the development projects, so that local people would escape poverty and soon stabilize their life, contributing to promoting socio-economic, political and cultural development and building a new-style rural area.

Reportedly, over the past time, Defense-Economic Unit 202 invested in five poverty reduction projects in seven communes of Nam Giang district.

Translated by Song Anh