This meaningful and practical activity contributes to helping border people overcome difficulties and have stable lives before the harvest time.

Rice presented to needy households

It left a deep impression on the locals, said Secretary of the Ia Pior commune Party Committee Bui Van Phung.

On this occasion, the delegation also disseminated information and encouraged the locals to strictly observe the Party’s and State’s guidelines and policies, and join hands in the fight against diphtheria and COVID-19 as instructed by the Ministry of Health.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Mao, despite certain difficulties, the unit is determined to support border people to ease rice shortages in the pre-harvest time.

Meanwhile, the regiment also recruited and created jobs for 60 laborers and worked with the corps’ Military Hospital 15 to provide free health checkups and medicines to nearly 300 people.

These activities not only helped the locals stabilize their lives but also tightened the military-civilian ties in the area.

Translated by Minh Anh