Army Corps 15’s troops visit, present gifts, and provide health check-ups for policy beneficiaries in Gia Lai.

Army Corps 15’s significant deeds demonstrate troops’ deep gratitude to those who shed their blood and parts of their body or laid down their lives for national independence and freedom.

According to Second-in-Command of Army Corps 15 Colonel Khuat Ba Cao, Gia Lai is a province rich in revolutionary traditions. Despite enormous investment, people in the Central Highlands locality, especially families of wounded and martyrs are still facing a lot of difficulties. Considering taking care of policy beneficiaries and revolution contributors an important and regular political mission, the army corps’ Party Committee and Command has carried out various significant and practical activities, showing the nation’s “when drinking water, remember its source” tradition.

Army Corps 15 brings water to ethnic minority people and needy locals.

During annual special events, especially the wounded and fallen soldiers' day, the unit sends its working missions to visit and present gifts to families of martyrs, wounded soldiers, and national contributors. During these events, the delegates express their deep gratitude to martyrs, wounded soldiers, and national contributors. Over the past time, the unit has regularly presented gratitude houses, rice, breeding cows, and savings books to families of wounded soldiers and martyrs; conducted healthcare programs; recruited workers; taken care of heroic Vietnamese mothers.

In 2020 alone, Army Corps 15 cooperated with local authorities to build and hand over 23 houses, worth VND 1.5 billion in total, to families of wounded soldiers, martyrs, and revolution contributors, visited heroic Vietnamese mothers, upgraded war cemeteries, and presented gifts to thousands of martyrs’ relatives, wounded and sick soldiers, and policy households. The unit also hired 150 workers who are sons and daughters of wounded soldiers and martyrs’ relatives and allocated its fund to buy local newspapers for war veterans in the province.

Troops of Company 72 under Army Corps 15 present breeding cows to policy households.

While visiting and presenting gifts and breeding cows to wounded soldiers and families of martyrs in Duc Co, Director of Company 72 under Army Corps 15 Colonel Ha Trong Bao said that to ensure the effectiveness of gratitude activities, the unit cooperated with local agencies to learn about the needs of martyrs’ relatives and wounded and sick soldiers. The unit also promoted information dissemination to raise its personnel, workers, and local people’s awareness of the significance of gratitude activities, thus encouraging them to conduct practical activities to improve policy beneficiaries’ material and spiritual life.

The practical activities of units under Army Corps 15 over the past time have been highly appreciated by local authorities and left good impression on local people.

Evaluating the effectiveness of the unit’s mass mobilization work in general and gratitude activities in particular, Secretary of the Party Committee of Duc Co district Pham Van Cuong affirmed that despite difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Army Corps 15 has regularly supported local policy families by practical activities.

Defense-Economic Unit 710 of Army Corps 15 presents rice to help local people overcome difficulties during the between-crop period.

The significant deeds of Uncle Ho’s soldiers have helped local policy beneficiaries in the Central Highlands localities in general and Gia Lai province in particular overcome hardships and improve their living standards. Obtained results in carrying out gratitude activities have enriched the sharing tradition of the nation and the military in general and Army Corps 15 in particular.

Translated by Tran Hoai