Troops performing their shooting skills

The event was attended by MR4’s Commanding Officer Lieutenant General Nguyen Doan Anh and Second-in-Command Officer Major General Le Tat Thang.

The exercise included four stages, namely shifting combat readiness levels, preparing for combat, conducting combat and implementing the live-fire contents.

The program was conducted as scheduled and regulated thanks to the good preparation and the close coordination of relevant forces during training.

In the live-fire stage, troops strictly followed orders, successfully suppressing the enemy landing formations and decimating their set targets. Reportedly, the unit’s combat detachments well practiced all training sessions.

As a result, the unit ended successfully the exercise with absolute safety, giving an opportunity to raise the competence of the participants.

The results of the exercise also serve as an important basis for assessing the quality of training, combat readiness, and ability of the division in 2021.

Translated by Minh Anh