PANO – The General Department of Logistics on February 22nd assigned missions for officers to install medical equipment on Truong Sa archipelago’s Sinh Ton Island.

Accordingly, the five-member delegation, led by Lieutenant Colonel Pham Anh Tung, an officer from the Information and Technology Department, will work with the New Telecom Company's personnel to install a telemedicine system to connect the infirmary on Sinh Ton Island with the Naval Medical Hospital. The system installation is an effort to raise the healthcare quality for troops and islanders on islands.

At the meeting

At the meeting, when briefed upon the preparations for the mission, Senior Colonel Nguyen Thanh Ha, Deputy Chief of Staff of the general department, praised officers’ and relevant agencies’ efforts, and asked them to ensure absolute safety for people and equipment during the trip.

The delegates were also requested to strictly observe rules on  the ship, keep in touch with the mainland units, and report unforeseen circumstances to higher levels in a timely manner.

A representative of the general department said that in the near future other delegations will be formed to install Telemedicine systems at infirmaries on islands.

Translated by Son Ca