General Can checks logistic assurance work at Regiment 165 

During the visits, the units’ leaders and chains-of-command reported on the units’ task performances in 2021 and the preparation for the upcoming Tet celebrations for troops.

In particular, the party committees and chains-of-command of the two units have strictly embraced and directed the implementation of higher levels’ resolutions and directives on military and defense affairs and duties in the upcoming Tet.

They actively consolidated, supplemented, and completed a system of documents in line with higher levels’ guidance, and conducted exercises in close attachment with reality.

In addition, they strictly observed duties and combat readiness regulations, proactively kept a close watch on situational developments in the localities where they are stationed. They also worked closely with other local forces to ensure local security and order.

Moreover, under the sound leadership of the units’ leaders, troops were fully-aware of their combat readiness duties; the internal political situation was closely managed and the logistic and technical services and other working aspects were assured.

General Can inquires after troops of Regiment 165.
General Can presents gifts from the CMC and MND to Regiment 165.

Regarding the missions for the upcoming time, the deputy chief of the GDP asked party committees and chains-of-command of the units to realize higher levels’ directives and resolutions on military-defense affairs for 2022, combat readiness duties and the task A2.

Units should closely follow local security and order situations, give timely advice to local party committees and authorities to handle situations, and strictly observe combat readiness duties. Additionally, they need to boost education to raise troops’ awareness of combat readiness, especially during the upcoming Tet holiday, General Can added.

The GDP’s deputy chief also requested units to boost patrols, guard, manage troops and materiel, apply COVID-19 prevention and control measures, as well as ensure logistic and technical conditions for on-duty troops during Tet.

The GDP’s deputy chief checks training equipment of Regiment 692.
General Can hands over gifts from the CMC and MND to Regiment 692.

On the occasion, General Can handed over gifts from the Central Military Commission (CMC) and Ministry of National Defense (MND) to the units.

Translated by Mai Huong