Accordingly, the department urged all relevant units to embrace higher levels’ resolutions and instructions while improving their troops’ awareness and responsibility to cope with the pandemic. All units should consider the pandemic prevention as important as combat readiness missions and take any measures to stop the disease from affecting their troops.

Troops spraying disinfectant on Truc Bach street

For those who have been in close contact with people infected by the COVID-19, they have to follow the quarantine regulations and their health should be seriously monitored, as revealed in the directive.

In addition, the paper cited that all units should implement their assigned missions as scheduled and request their troops to avoid large gatherings such as conferences, sporting events, and so on. In case a large gathering is necessary, they have to closely follow the pandemic’s preventive measures.

Also, units are required to update any developments with the pandemic, especially in their stationed areas or in places where their personnel are sent to.

On the other hands, press agencies of the military were asked to enhance information dissemination on the disease’s developments and prevention, and at the same time fight fake news on social media that negatively affect the prevention efforts of the country and people.

Translated by Trung Thanh