PANO – A mission of the Central Council for Defense-Security Education has recently inspected the implementation of the defense-security education work in DaK Lak province. The mission came to the conclusion that the standing agencies of the provincial council for defense-security education have well performed the advisory role to help Party committees and authorities at all levels to effectively carry out the work.

One of the inspection session of the mission

Going through defense-security courses, awareness of the work among Party members, authorities’ staff and local people have been improved, especially at the commune’s level, contributing to consolidating locals’ trust in the leadership of the Party and making locals be at ease in doing business.

The inspection mission then required the provincial defense-security education council of Dak Lak province to continue making more achievements and reviewing the work so that exemplary examples could  be found and replicated while shortcomings could  be spotted for fixing.

Translated by Huu Duong