Located in the center of the Central Highlands, Dak Lak province shares 73kms of borderline with Cambodian province of Mondulkiri. It has four border communes of two districts Buon Don and Ea Sup, where are home to 24 ethnic minorities.

Over the past years, thanks to the due care of the Party and the State for the locality, both material and spiritual lives of local people, especially those living in border areas, have been improved while local political security, social order and safety has been maintained.

Major General Le Nhu Duc, Deputy Chief of the Department of Politics of the Vietnam Border Guard Command speaking at the event

Fully aware of the very important and strategic position of the national borderline and grasping thoroughly the Party’s and State’s guidelines and policies on border areas and islands, the provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee have directed provincial-level bodies and local authorities to work closely with the provincial Border Guard force to boost information dissemination on national border and people’s involvement in defending national sovereignty, border security in the current period.

For a decade now, the provincial Border Guard and other relevant departments and localities have organized several training courses to raise the public’s awareness of national borders and sovereignty. The Border Guard force has also encouraged 381 dropouts to go back to school and cooperated with local educational sector to host five literacy classes for 161 people.

Moreover, under the sound direction of the provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee, the locality has enjoyed socio-economic, cultural development while consolidating defense-security, enhancing its solidarity, friendship and cooperation for development with Mondulkiri province of Cambodia.

So far, the province has planted all seven national-level border markers, 42 auxiliary markers and delimit 38.935kms of border on rivers and springs.

Addressing the meeting, Major General Le Nhu Duc, Deputy Director of the Department of Politics of the Border Guard of Vietnam highly appreciated the outcomes of the movement of “Whole People’s Border Day” in the 2009-2018 period achieved by Dak Lak province’s Party Committees and authorities at all levels, relevant departments, units, armed forces and people.

General Duc asked the province to continue to realize the Prime Minister’s Directive No. 1 on carrying out the movement in which whole people get involved in defending territorial sovereignty, national border security in the current period and to implement the Whole People’s Border Day with a focus on two missions of firm protecting territorial sovereignty, border security and building strong border areas.

The province was also requested to combine closely local socio-economic development with defense, security and external affairs while promoting internal strength, taking advantage of local potentials to boost economic development, thus contributing to improving the living standards of the people in border areas.

On the occasion, 19 groups and individuals were presented with certificates of merit from the provincial People’s Committee while seven others were awarded merit certificates by the Border Guard High Command in recognition of their outstanding achievements in implementing the movement “Whole People’s Border Day” in the 2009-2019 period.

Source: bienphong

Translated by Mai Huong