The Cuban delegation was warmly welcomed by the association of Truong Son - Ho Chi Minh Trail’s members, including Vietnamese heroes, generals, war veterans, military experts, and engineers, who have studied and worked in Cuba.

Before the meeting, the Cuban delegation offered incense to commemorate the Truong Son martyrs, who had laid down their lives for national liberation, construction, and defense cause.

The Cuban delegation offers incense to the Truong Son martyrs.

They also toured the Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum and expressed their admiration for the Truong Son soldiers’ courage and determination to overcome difficulties in wartime.

Addressing the meeting, on behalf of the association’s leaders, Chairman Major General Vo So briefed the Cuban delegation on the history and tradition of the Truong Son soldiers as well as their great efforts in performing all assigned missions.

At the meeting

He recalled Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro’s eternal saying “For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to shed its blood” during his visit to Quang Tri province and the Truong Son Trail on September 16, 1973.

Therefore, the Vietnamese people in general and Truong Son soldiers in particular always bear in mind all of the kind-hearted Cuban support during the resistance war against American invaders, he added.

Cuban delegates visit the Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum.

For her part, Cuban Ambassador Rivera said that she admired the Truong Son soldiers’ courage in wartime. This visit was an occasion for the Cuban delegation to learn more about the Vietnamese glorious history.

Also at the meeting, the two sides discussed approaches to enhancing traditional activities, contributing to expanding the longstanding solidarity between the two countries. They also gave each other meaningful gifts.

Translated by Khanh Ngan