The meeting was chaired by Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem, Deputy Defense Minister, and attended by representatives of the Vietnam Border Guard Command, the Vietnam Coast Guard Command, the Central Military Procuracy.

According to statistics from the Vietnam Border Guard Command, the illegal border entry and exit situation is getting very complicated. From February 2 to July 25, forces detected 15,200 people organizing illegal entry into Vietnam. The people illegally enter Vietnam mostly to provinces along the Vietnam-China shared borderline, including Cao Bang, Ha Giang, and Lao Cai.

Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem speaks at the conference.

In June and July, the units discovered new illegal methods of entry into Vietnam that include hiding on vehicles transporting food and goods into Vietnam. Especially, functional units and agencies discovered many cases of organized illegal entry for various purposes.

The Border Guard Command handled 13 cases, and arrested 31 people.

Following the directions of the Government, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of National Defense, the border guard force has comprehensively implemented measures to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic, and directed its affiliated units to establish check-points at border gates and open paths and tracks. In addition, they have also mobilized their forces and vehicles to support border troops, strictly controlled illegal exit and entry, and effectively prevented all types of crime.

In the coming time, the Border Guard Command will actively check places that can be used as quarantined areas, control immigration activities at border gates, and coordinate with other units to manage the cases of foreigners entering Vietnam for diplomatic and official purposes.

Concluding the meeting, Gen. Chiem highly appreciated the results of the Vietnam Border Guard Command in seriously implementing the instructions of the Government and the Ministry of National Defense, and preventing COVID-19 from entering the country through border areas and border gates.

Gen. Chiem asked the unit to tighten management of border gates, strictly handle violation cases, and mobilize forces and vehicles to ensure safety for on-duty troops in border areas and border gates.

The Vietnam Coast Guard Force was also requested to coordinate with the border troops to closely control vessels and boats to detect illegal entry.

Translated by Lam Anh