Talking to Vietnam News Agency reporters in Geneva after the national report was adopted by the U.N. Human Rights Council’s UPR Working Group on May 10, Viet said that the first message was the affirmation of the importance of peace, national independence, and the right of national self-determination to development efforts and promotion of human rights.

Secondly, Vietnam wants to emphasize that there is no single correct model in the field of ensuring and promoting human rights, as each country, depending on its circumstances, conditions, and level of socio-economic development, will be able to choose its own path.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Do Hung Viet

The third message was that with its consistent policy on protecting and promoting human rights, Vietnam has very seriously implemented the UPR recommendations that it accepted in the previous cycle and achieved numerous positive results, especially in perfecting the legal system and ensuring human rights in practice, thus bringing very practical results to its people.

The fourth was that despite facing many difficulties and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the participation of the entire political system, the engagement, companionship, and consensus of the people, Vietnam has overcome difficulties, protected people's health and lives, boosted socio-economic recovery and development, and improved people's lives, said Viet.

Assessing 320 recommendations that Vietnam received from 133 countries during the dialogue, the official stated that most of them have positive contents and Vietnam can accept them. But some need to be considered further in terms of compatibility with Vietnam's laws, policies, resources and enforcement capabilities.

As for the recommendations which are not really appropriate and based on inaccurate information about ensuring freedom of speech, press and assembly, Vietnam will continue to hold dialogue and provide information to those countries so that they better understand the actual situation in Vietnam, he said.

Vietnam will carefully study the recommendations and announce the country’s stance on them before the 57th session of the UNHRC.

In the time ahead, the Foreign Ministry and ministries and agencies in the working group for UPR of Vietnam will review, assess and make recommendations to the Prime Minister regarding the country’s position about the recommendations, which will be announce ahead of the 57th session of the UNHRC slated for October this year, added the deputy minister.

Source: VNA