Le Thi Minh Thoa, Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam at the U.N., said the international community needs to define the role of women as goals, motivations, subjects and beneficiaries of sustainable growth.

Le Thi Minh Thoa, Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam at the U.N. (Photo: baoquocte.vn)

She proposed countries include gender issues and women's empowerment in their national planning and policymaking works to ensure that women and girls have equal and full participation and enjoyment in the development process.

Women themselves need to take advantage of opportunities brought about by the 4th Industrial Revolution and digital transformation to catch up with development trends and maximize their potential and strengths, she noted.

The representative of Vietnam called on international organizations and development partners to continue supporting U.N. member states to fulfill their global commitments and obligations in protecting the rights of women and girls.

A scene of the U.N. General Assembly’s 77th Session

Gender equality has always been respected in Vietnam’s national policies, Thoa affirmed, adding that ensuring women’s role, participation and contribution in the economic, political and social life is not only a commitment but also a norm in Vietnam.

Source: VNA