Thoa made the affirmation while addressing the annual session of the Special Committee on the Charter of the U.N., which is taking place in New York from February 20-28 with the participation of representatives from nearly 90 member countries and many international organizations.

Minister Counselor Le Thi Minh Thoa, Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations, joins the session.

This year’s meeting focused on the role of the U.N. Charter in maintaining international peace and security, and addressing disputes by peaceful measures, along with the use of mediation measures in the work.

Regarding sanctions, Thoa emphasized that they would not help promote friendship and cooperation, but should only be the last measure and match the U.N. Charter and international law.

She called on Sanctions Committees and experts to consider and assess impacts on economic activities and livelihoods of people, especially vulnerable groups.

For the settlement of disputes by peaceful means, she noted that Vietnam always upholds this basic principle of international law and supports the measures stipulated in Article 33 of the U.N. Charter as well as other peaceful means chosen by parties.

With the assistance of a neutral third party in mediation, which could be an individual, any country/group of countries or international organization, relevant sides would begin direct negotiations or seek other solutions, Thoa suggested.

The Special Committee on the Charter of the U.N. was established in 1975 for countries to discuss the implementation of the U.N. Charter. It holds annual meetings to discuss and consider related proposals. Since its adoption in 1945, the U.N. Charter had been amended three times in 1963, 1965 and 1973.

Source: VNA