Secretary of HCYU Bui Quang Huy handed over the insignia to Ms. Astrid Bant.

Ms. Astrid Bant has 30-year experience working in the fields of reproductive health and sexual health of women through various positions in the Netherlands, the European Union, the United Nations Women's Organization, the International Center for Women's Health and the United Nations Population Fund.

For her great contributions, she was presented with the insignia "For the Young Generation," which is the most prestigious award of the Youth Union.

Addressing the event, the Secretary of HCYU Bui Quang Huy hailed the contributions of Ms. Astrid Bant to Vietnamese students in particular and Vietnamese youths in general and hoped that she would continue supporting Vietnam and the country’s youth work in the time to come.

For her part, Ms. Astrid Bant expressed her gratefulness for the award and said that she tried her best during tenure in Vietnam and hoped that her contributions would be helpful for the Vietnamese people and the young generations.

Translated by Khanh Ngan