The woman and 26 other COVID-19 patients, including seven foreigners, were discharged from the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases on March 30 after full recovery.

Shan is among eight foreigners discharged from the hospital after full recovery.

She named a number of Vietnamese doctors and nurses who had wholeheartedly given treatment to her and other COVID-19 patients at the hospital. She affirmed that they are wonderful people who have saved many patients.

While saying that her husband, also a COVID-19 patient, is still in bad health condition and in need of intensive care, she expressed her confidence that Vietnamese doctors of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases can make him better.

Shan and her husband were on flight VN0054 from the U.K. to Hanoi-based Noi Bai International Airport on March 2.

The same day, apart from the above-mentioned 27 discharged patients, three other patients were discharged from  Cu Chi Field Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

Sharing joy with the discharged patients, Doctor Tran Van Giang from the Department of Viruses and, Parasites under the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases said that during the treatment, devoted doctors and nurses were very attentive  to the patients’ needs  and  often encouraged  them.

Meanwhile, Dr. Phuong Mai said that in the medical career, nothing is happier than the recovery of patients, especially amid the complex development of the pandemic. “Though the outside world is trembling with fear, we (doctors and nurses) stay firm to give treatment to patients,” said Mai.

The discharged patients will have their health checked for the next 14 days to ensure safety for the community.

Translated by Mai Huong