General Director of VNA Vu Viet Trang introduces to the delegates 50 precious documentary photos of VNA and Prensa Latina at the exhibition.

Co-organized by the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), Cuban news agency Prensa Latina (PL), and the provincial People’s Committee, the event featured 50 iconic black &white, and color documentary photos.

Selected from the archives of the two news agencies, they depict the activities of Fidel Castro in Vietnam at the time as well as images of meetings between the Vietnamese and Cuban leaders in their reciprocal visits.

At the exhibition, VNA General Director Vu Viet Trang and PL President Luis Enrique Gonzalez Acosta introduced participating high-level delegations from Vietnam and Cuba to the historical context behind and content of the photos on display.

The organizer also introduced to the public a Spanish-Vietnamese bilingual book titled “Fidel Castro – Nuestra Sangre Por Vietnam” (Fidel Castro: Our Blood for Vietnam), which was compiled by Prensa Latina and co-published with the Vietnam News Agency.

Source: VNA