Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Pham Viet Tich said that the marine economy has become a spearhead economic sector of the locality.

According to Tich, the provincial administration has invested thousands of billions of VND to renovate and upgrade Tam Quang and Tam Giang fishing ports in Nui Thanh district, Hong Trieu fishing port in Duy Xuyen district, Tam Phu fishing wharf port in Tam Ky city, and Thanh Ha port in Hoi An city. In 2024, hundreds of billions of VND will be invested in phase two of the expansion of An Hoa fishing port and logistics service complex.


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In addition, the province has been encouraging the development of offshore services such as fuel and food supply or seafood purchasing as measures to develop a modern marine industry. 

Towards the goal of catching 195,000 tons of all kinds of seafood in 2024, the province is accelerating a program on upgrading fishing vessels’ capacity and equipping all offshore vessels with Icom and GPS satellite navigation devices, the official said, noting that modern communication devices not only help fishermen promptly support each other at sea but also allow authorities to monitor fishermen's work, thereby they can make proper adjustments and support offshore fishing vessels.

In addition, Quang Nam province will also further coordinate with forces such as the border guards, the fisheries control force, the coast guards and coastal localities to regularly organize communications activities to increase fishermen’s understanding of regulations, particularly those related to IUU fishing.

Le Minh Tri, the captain of an offshore fishing vessel in Tam Hai island commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province said on February 21 before his vessel set off for the first fishing trip in the Lunar New Year 2024 that local fishermen wish to continue receiving Government’s support in fuel and insurance for crew and vessels.

Before the trip, Tri together with captains and owners of all 22 fishing vessels with a capacity of at least 700 CV in the commune met with the president of the commune fishing association to agree on fishing schemes and targets, vowing that no vessel would violate regulations when working at sea.

Source: VNA