Retail petrol prices are up by over 600 VND per litre from 3pm on June 11

The retail price of E5RON92 bio-fuel rose 622 VND to 19,048 VND (0.83 USD) per litre at maximum and that of RON 95 increased 633 VND to 20,164 VND per litre.

Diesel 0.05S and kerosene, meanwhile, are now priced at no more than 15,448 VND and 14,412 VND per litre, up by 674 VND and 587 VND, respectively.

Meanwhile, the price of Mazut 180CST was capped at 14,954 VND per kilogram, up 675 VND.

According to the two ministries, the prices of petrol and oil in the global market have been rising for 15 days, hence the upward adjustment.

The two ministries review fuel prices every 15 days to ensure domestic prices are in keeping with the global market.

Source: VNA